Advanced Bare Microblading

Bare Microblading

This course is an advanced microblading course for any certified artist looking to take their work to the next level!

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Perfect Depth

  • I teach the insides and outs of perfect depth from young to aging skin. Watch me work on live models and share all my secrets.


Weight & Pressure

  • Learn the exact weight and pressure you should be using with your Microblade and also your stetch on your clients face.


Stroke Patterns

  • Learn all my stroke patterns from basic to advanced, including fluffy. For the first time ever there are downloadable versions of my patterns to follow along with.



  • Learn my mapping techniques with live demos. I share how I am able to hold my shape perfectly and guarantee the results your clients are looking for.

Clients will love the technique you learn from Bare Microblading!

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Lexi Bowler

About Lexi

I have been Microblading now for over 7 years, and finally decided to put all the knowledge I’ve learned into a full comprehensive course!

I learned the hard way through trial and error, and want to help you not make the same mistakes I did.

Microblading and teaching women are my passion, and I’m looking forward to helping you take your work to the next level.

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