Microblading Training Course

This is a 3 full day course filled with in depth theory, and hands on experience. You will be able to watch Lexi Bowler perform microblading on 2 models, as well as perform on 2 yourself! By the time you leave this training, you will have acquired all the knowledge and skill you will need in order to be a successful microblading artist.  The training is $3000 and includes a kit for 50 clients. Trainings are located in Utah and San Diego. 


How many students?

Courses are only 4 students at a time, so you will receive very close one on one help from Lexi. 

Is there a deposit?

A $1000 deposit is required to secure your spot. This money will go towards your final cost, and the other $2000 will be due on the day of training.

Do you offer payment plans?

At  this time we are not offering any payment plans. But as stated, the full amount is not due until the day of the course.

What all is included in the kit?

4 bottles of Precis Brows pigment 

50 blades

50 hand peices 

Aftercare Ointment

2 Numbing Creams

Mapping pencil, string, rulers and stencils

All disposables for 50 clients such as pigment rings, numbing cups, lash wands, applicator sponges, soft gauze, gloves, masks and razors

Tweezers and Scissors 

Barbicide and Container 

Is training in Microblading for me?

Here are some questions your should consider before training. Microblading is truly an art; Would you consider yourself artistic? Do you feel that you area a natural with shaping brows? Would you say that you have an eye for symmetry? Do you have a steady hand? Are you willing to work hard and continually practice? These are all questions you should consider before training!



For further inquires, please contact me at 435-669-6837.