Two hour session for new clients.

INCLUDES: Consultation, selection of design and color, application of hair-stokes, aftercare, and scheduling of the 6 Week Touch Up.


Combination Brow


This is a combination between Microblading and ombré brow. It gives a more "filled in" look, while still looking natural! Strokes will be at the head of the brow to look fluffy, then the rest is filled in.


Ombre Brow


This is a filled in look. Takes 3 hours.


Touch Up (REQUIRED for finished results) 

St. George ($450 includes initial and touchup)

San Diego ($250 for touchup)


This session is required for all clients in order to perfect and complete the brow!!

This appointment takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes.



Yearly Touchup– $200.00



Touchup from different artist

Price starts at $450 and is considered an initial session.

Please send pictures to 435-669-6837 before booking, so that I can approve if I will be able to help achieve your desired result!



Monthly Membership for Online Training

$49.99 monthly


Biweekly Training Videos

Monthly Live Webinars

Weekly Emails Including: Tips and Tricks/Product Recommendaiton


Prices are subject to change without notice.